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Writing Experience

Article, Interview, "Julia Quinn," 2011 Novel & Short Story Market Book, F&W Publications, March 2010.

Article, Interview, "Catherine Asaro," 2011 Novel & Short Story Market Book, F&W Publications, February 2010.

Article, Interview, "Laura Kinsale," 2011 Novel & Short Story Market Book, F&W Publications, February 2010.

Article, Interview, "Merline Lovelace," 2011 Novel & Short Story Market Book, F&W Publications, February 2010.

Non-fiction Book, "Insider's Guide to Oklahoma City," Globe Pequot, December 2009.

Non-fiction Book/Inspirational, "Devoted to Trucking", AWOC Books, May 2009.

Non-fiction Book, "Oklahoma Off the Beaten Path-Seventh Edition", Globe Pequot, March 2009.

Article, Interview, "Holly Black," 2010 Children's Market Book, F&W Books, September 2009.

Article, Interview, "Susan Wiggs,"2010 Novel & Short Story Market Book, F&W Books, August 2009.

Article, Interview, "Carolyn Hart,"2010 Novel & Short Story Market Book, F&W Books, August 2009.

Anthology/Short Story, "Grandfather Knows", Remindful Murder, December 2008

Article, Interview, "Jo Beverley," 2009 Novel & Short StoryMarket Book, September 2008.

Article, Interview, "Stephanie Barron," 2009 Novel & Short Story Market Book, September 2008.

Article, "How-to Write the How-to," The Writer Magazine, April 2008.

Non-fiction Book, "Oklahoma Off the Beaten Path-Sixth Edition", Globe Pequot, January 2007.

Article, Interview, "Cheryl Holt-Writing Erotic Romances", 2008 Novel& Short Story Market Book, September 2007.

Article, Interview, "Sabrina Jeffries-Writing Royal Romance but Grounded In Reality", 2007 Novel & Short Story Market Book, September 2006.

Article, "Lt. Governor Mary Fallin-Small Town Girl with Big Time Dreams", Edmond Outlook, April 2006.

Article, "Fuel Your Tank", Sketchbook Magazine, February 2006.

Article, "Galloway-Wallace Exhibits", Edmond Outlook, January 2006.

Article, Mel Odom, "Jack of All Genres a 'Constant Student' of Craft", 2006 Novel and Short Story Writer's Market, September 2005.

Article, "Jennifer Blake, Living Legend of Romance Reflects on Her Career and Offers Insight into Craft" Novel and Short Story Writer's Market, September 2005.

Chapter, "Mining Creative Gold," for book, Inspiring Creativity, Creativity Coaching Association Press, April 2005.

Non-fiction Book, "Oklahoma-Off The Beaten Path," Globe Pequot, travel guide book-revised, January 2005.

Article, "Debbie Macomber Shares Her Secret to Success," 2005 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, October 2004.

Article, "Laurell K. Hamilton: A Fresh Take On Horror," 2005 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, October 2004.

Article, "Make an Egyptian Scroll," Homeschooling Companion, September/October 2003

Article, "Katherine Sutcliffe: Moving to the Dark Side of Romance," 2004 Novel & Short Story Market Book

Article, "Braided Love," Oklahoma Today, October 2003

Article, "Build a Writing Idea List," Writer's Guide to Creativity, August 2003

Business Articles (25+), Durocher's OKC Business, October 2002-June 2003

Anthology/Short Story, "The Grave Hunter," Almostly Murder…with Pets, December 2002

Article, "Get Inspired with Lists," Personal Journaling, October 2002

Article, "Guardian Angel," FATE, March 2002

Short Story, "Man Hungry," True Confessions, February 2002

Article, "Technology: A Writer's Best Friend," The Writer, 2002

Non-fiction Electronic Book, "How-to Get Started As a Handwriting Analyst,", 2002

Novel, "Yankee Surrender," Hard Shell Word Factory, September 2001

Non-fiction Book, "How-to Get Free Books (And Possibly Get Paid) As A Book Reviewer,", May 2001

Non-fiction Book, "The Journal Wheel and Guidebook," Rodgers & Nelsen Publishing, March 2001

Column (Presidential Column), OWFI Report, June, September, December 2001, March 2002

Article, "Adaptability: A Writer's Best Asset," OWFI Report, January 2000

Column, "News You Can Use," Oklahoma Proud, November 1999-2001

Articles, Book Reviews, (2),, July 1999

Article, Book Review, Border Crossings,, June 1999

Advertising Copy, Writer's Digest Books, To Be Announced

Article, "Romantic Weekend Trips," Exploring Oklahoma, Summer 1998

Book (co-author update), Exploring Oklahoma with Children, Winter 1997

Book (co-author), Exploring Oklahoma Together, Winter 1997

Book (co-author/edited volunteers section), "In Their Name," Random House, August 1995

Articles, Over 250 pieces have appeared in Capper's, ParentLife, Living with Children, I'll Take Romance, Central Coast Parent, Woman's Touch, Guthrie Daily Leader, and many others.

Articles, Living With Teenagers, 1992-1997 issues

Book Reviews, Romance Forever, 1996-1997 issues

Articles, Byline, 1985, 1994, 1996

Article, American Red Cross Newsletter, Summer 1994

Book Reviews, Sunday Oklahoman, (too many to count) 1990-1997

Profiles, Believer's Voice of Victory, (8) 1991-1992

Articles, Housewife Writer's Forum, Interviewing Series (5 articles), 1993

Articles, Writer's Digest, 1990, Reprint 1991, April 1991

Articles, Woman's Day, March 1989, December 1992

Poem, Piecework, Winter 1987

Article, Humor, "Little Boy Blue," Lady's Circle, July 1986

Article, "Go For It," Byline, September 1985

Contest Winnings from Tri-State Contest in Amarillo Texas, Johnson County Creative Writers Contest, Professionalism In Writing Annual Contest, Oklahoma City Writers Contest, Oklahoma Writers' Federation Writing Contest, Byline's Writing Contest, local Penwomen's Annual Contest, and others.

Note: Clips will be sent upon request.

Speaking Experience

Workshop, "Non-fiction A to Z," The Discoveries Program, Church of the Servant, Oklahoma City, March 2008.

Speaker, "Marketing Your Work" and "Writing the How-to," Oklahoma Red Dirt Festival, Shawnee, Oklahoma, November 2007.

Workshop, "Getting Published", The Discoveries Program, Church of the Servant, Oklahoma City, March 2007.

Speaker, "Writing the How-to", Oklahoma Writers' Federation Conference, May 2006.

Workshop, "Inspiring Creativity," The Discoveries Program, Church of the Servant, Oklahoma City, March/April 2006.

Speaker "On Writing"- Wordwrights Monthly Writer's Meeting in Oklahoma City, September 2005.

Workshops (2) Midwest City Library, Midwest City, Oklahoma, May 2005

Speaker, Novel Ideas, Belle Isle Library, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, May 2005

Workshops (4) Edmond Public Library, Edmond, Oklahoma, January, February, March, April 2005

Workshop, Village Public Library, Oklahoma City, OK, October 2004

Workshop, Taos Institute of Art, Taos, (5 days), New Mexico, August 2004

Workshop, Yukon Public Schools (Community Project), (2 weeks), Yukon, Oklahoma, May 2004

Workshops (2), Edmond Public Library, Edmond, Oklahoma, February/March 2004

Creative Writing Classes, Grades Six through Twelve, (Nine Months) Edmond Homeschooler's Association, Edmond, Oklahoma 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Speaker, Red Dirt Book Festival, Shawnee, Oklahoma, October 2003

Workshop, Creative Writing, Guthrie Arts Center, Guthrie, Oklahoma, March 2003

Workshop (Journal and Creative Writing), Church of the Servant, Oklahoma City, Fall 2002-2003

Speaker, National Association of Women Writers, Arlington, TX, February 2002

Speaker, Golden Triangle Publishers, Fort Collins, Colorado, October 2001

Workshop, Coldwater Public Library, Coldwater Kansas, September 2001

Speaker, Wordwrights, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, September 2001

Speaker, Stillwater Writers, Stillwater, Oklahoma, June 2001

Speaker, Edmond Hospital Administrators, Edmond, Oklahoma, May 2001

Speaker, Fellowship of Christian Writers, Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 2001

Speaker, Southwest Writer's Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 2000

Speaker, Wordweavers' Annual Conference, Midwest City, Oklahoma August 1996

Workshop, Belle Isle Library, Oklahoma Community College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, May 1996

Speaker, Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc., May 1996

Classes, Writing for Publication, MetroTech, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, October 1993-December 1995

Workshop, Northwest Oklahoma Writers Workshop, Enid, Oklahoma March 1994

Workshop, (six weeks) Writing Creative Magazine Articles, Oklahoma State University, February-March 1994

Workshop, Oklahoma City Arts Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Summer 1993.

Speaker, Professionalism In Writing Conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996.

Professional Duties and Positions

Publicity Director, Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. 2009.

Conference Coordinator, Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc., 2004, 2010.

Secretary, Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc., 2003, 2004, 2005.

Historian, Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc., 2002, 2003, 2004.

President, Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc., 2000-2001.

Vice President, Oklahoma Writers' Federations, Inc., 1995-1996.

Consultant, Professionalism In Writing Conference, 1995, 1996.

Board Member, Professionalism In Writing, 1994, 1995, 1996.

Coordinator for Long Historical Category and Regency Category for "National Reader Choice Awards," 1994, 1995, 1996, 2006, 2007.

Judge, Writing Contests across the Southwest 1996 - 2008.

Professional Memberships

Cultural Art Guild of Estes Park, October 2004-

Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc., 1985-

Oklahoma City Writers, 1985-

National Association of Business Women, 2001-

National Association of Women Writers, 2001-

National Association of Writers, 2000-

National Writers Union, 2001-

National Writers Guild, 1998-

National Penwomen Association, 1994-2000

Romance Writers of America, 1986-


The Oklahoma Writers' Federation Honorary Life Membership Award, April 2005.


1974-1978, Mustang High School, Mustang, Oklahoma.

1985-1988, Private Writing Classes, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

2003, Extensive Creativity Coaching Program with Dr. Eric Maisel.

Personal Information

Married since 1977.

Two children, one grandchild.

President and CEO, Creative Ambitions.

Splits time between Edmond, Oklahoma and Estes Park, Colorado.


References available upon request.

Tip: Don't be discouraged by rejection. Don't take it personally, there are many reasons why you may have been rejected.

What I am is God's gift to me, what I become is my gift to God. Author Unknown

I am a slow walker...but I never walk backwards. Abraham Lincoln

What I am is God's gift to me, what I become is my gift to God. Author Unknown

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